Saturday, March 29, 2008

Still More Pics from Jimmy's 60th B'day Bash

More Pics from Jimmy's Big Day

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Jimmy's Big Day

Jimmy the K turns 60, and the whole fam damily turns out for the big bash!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heading Home

A few photos from the trip home - the Honduran coutryside, Puerto Cortez (one of the major ports for Central America), a cargo ship heading north through the blue Caribbean, and a barrier reef off the coast of Belize.


Sunday afternoon we joined in with probably most of Honduras to watch the futbol match between arguably the two most popular teams in the country, Motaqua and Olimpia. It was a very good match with Motagua pulling off an upset, winning 2 - 1. Mauricio is a big, big fan of Olimpia and was of course very disappointed to have to endure the ribbing of everyone else after his team lost. "Oy Maurico, recordar porfavor, Motaqua esta numero uno!"

Mike's Kids

My friend Mike lives with the four older boys from the casa in a seperate house next door to the main house. Milton (15), Maynor (13), Mauricio (13) and Johnathan (11 this week) live with Mike.

Casa Kids

When a new child arrives at the casa, their hand printed is added to the tree of life inside the main entranceway, with a little heart painted in the palm. When a child at the casa dies, a cross is added to their hand-print.

Casa Corazon de la Misericordia

Casa Corazon is run by sisters associated with the Sisters of Mercy, a Catholic charitable organization founded by Catherine McAuley, who was born in Dublin, Ireland in the late 1780's. The sister's of Mercy is a world-wide organization.

San Pedro Sula

Saturday I travelled by bus north towards the coast and the city of San Pedro Sula. My friend Mike Woodworth is living at Casa Corazan de la Misericordia (the Heart of Mercy House), a home for children with HIV/AIDS. Mike is the house fother for the four o;der boys living in the casa, and also is a blessing to the younger kids as well. You can follow Mike's adventures at his blog - Here are a couple of photos from outside the casa.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Honduras is Blooming

Hey Lori... It´s spring time and Honduras is in BLOOM !!!


For the last five years Margaret and I have supported Delmy Virginia Hernandez, a very cute, very shy little girl who was born deaf. Each year it is such a huge joy to be able to see her and spend a few moments with her. She is learning to sew in the vocational school and hopes to help support her family with sewing when she finishes school. Today at the anniversary party I finally got a chance to meet Delmy´s mother, her big sister, and her baby sister.

20th Anniversary Celebration

His Love in Action School for the Deaf celebrated their 20th anniversary today. It was a special time with some of the alumni returning and sharing, the kids from the school ¨singing¨and dancing, and awards being given out to the staff and faculty who have been around the longest.

Smiling Faces

The crusade took place right in the street, at a junction where 3 roads intersect. The flyers described the location as the ¨the bus transfer point¨. There were a lot of children there who seemed to be attracted to me because of my camera and my pony tail. You would have thought they had never seen long hair before! ;·)

Thursday Night Crusade

Carmen has been co·leading a pastor´s conference and Wed and Thurs night they held a crusade in a neighborhood up above Tegucigalpa. There were probably 300·400 people in attendance and I think there were a good number of healings, and folks accepting Jesus as their saviour. Here are a few shots from the crusades.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Two little girls at the pastor´s conference. No, they are not pastor´s, but their mother is attending the conference.

Sping in Honduras

This tree was outside the church where the pastor´s conference is taking place.

Around the School

Here are a few photos from around the school today. The students during devotions, learning to tailor, a table that the students built, and Delmy!

Jesus Watching over Tegucigalpa

From my room at the Casa Ministerial I can see the statue of Jesus that watches over the city.

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