Friday, August 7, 2009

Seattle Means SEAFOOD

When I am in Seattle, I make it a point to "only" eat seafood. Why? Because it is so darn good!

Here are my four dinners, where I ate them (in case you get the chance to go to Seattle) and my ratings.

# 1

Ahi Tuna Flores - Mexican Cantina in Pacific Place
600 Pine Street

Excellent!!!! The flavor, the texture, the price, all excellent! Melts in your mouth
# 2

Mesquite Grilled Alaskan Halibut - The Fisherman's Restaurant
Pier 57 on the Waterfront

Excellent!!! Outdoor dining on the end of the pier, the halibut was grilled perfectly!
# 3

Kasu Marinated Canadian Black Cod - Steelhead Diner
95 Pine Street, Pike Place Market

Very, very good! The only reason it didn't rate excellent was I had a similar dish last year at Ray's Boathouse and that was the best meal I ever had! The Steelhead Diner is a great place to eat, everything looked great. Make sure you make reservations!

# 4

Linguine Mare Ciaro - Il Fornaio in Pacific Place
600 Pine Street
Very Good. Mussels, clams, shrimp and scallops in a marina type sauce. Personally I did not want to eat here, but my co-worker does not eat seafood on on day 3 he wasn't going to stand for another seafood place! This was his choice. Everything on the menu looked pretty typically Italian, and this was the only seafood dish they had! So sticking with my plan to only eat seafood, this was it!



My mouth is watering . . .

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